New Comics, 10/12/2011

A quick account of the comics out today that I cared enough to read. I’ve included a quick description of the premise, so that any non-readers can orient themselves.

S.H.I.E.L.D. #3:
The premise – A secret society composed of historical figures protects the world from aliens, etc., but there’s been a civil war in their ranks. I think.
Thoughts on this issue – I still have no idea what is going on in this series. Honestly, I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth my time. The writing in this issue is not, uh, at issue, as it is really just one action scene, told almost entirely without dialogue. It’s done really well and the art is fantastic. It’s always a treat to see a Space God getting shot by Leonardo DaVinci with lasers. But still, why is Leonardo DaVinci shooting a Space God with lasers?

FF #10:
The premise – The Fantastic Four, but the Human Torch is “dead”, so they’re not calling it that.
T.o.t.I – This is mostly a denouement issue. People talk, set things up for the next arc. If you’ve been reading, no reason not to read this one. If you haven’t been reading, no reason to pick it up.

The premise – Alternate, modernized Universe. Mutants are against the law, so some former X-Men are trying to save mutants.
Toti – Kitty Pride, Iceman, Human Torch, and Rogue fight Nimrod Sentinels, but it’s not as awesome as it sounds. The fight scene is hurt by the fact that there’s lots of dialogue that was clearly written to sound natural. Also, the continuity of the Ultimate Universe is just so FUBAR’d that I don’t even know what to say about it anymore. Lastly, the issue sets up the fact that God is apparently behind everything, literally, and directly.

The premise – Back in the Main Marvel U. There are no new mutants being born, except for the few composing Generation Hope. (the premise actually takes a lot longer to explain)
Toti – This is a good comic. Not a great comic, but it’s consistently been interesting and handles both levity and gravity admirably. The characters act more like TV Teens than real teens, but much better than most teenage characters in most books (the X-Men franchise has always been strong in this regard, probably due to the fact that adolescence is one of the principle themes). However, this issue is also a denouement issue, so unless you’ve been reading this (and Schism), reading about the fallout of those events is not going to be riveting.

Tp – Hal Jordan is (one of the) Green Lantern again. But so is his nemesis!
Toti – I admit, I don’t approve of the fact that there are roughly one million Green Lantern franchise titles out there. I also don’t approve of the fact that Hal Jordan is once again at the center of things. That said, this is a good issue. They establish a completely new dynamic between Sinestro and Jordan*, and I’m very interested to see where it goes.
*SPOILERS: Sinestro creates a lesser ring with his ring, making it so Jordan can only be a GL if he obeys Sinestro.

Premise – Bruce Wayne is Batman again. And his son is Robin!
This Ish – Good. Even compared to the last Batman and Robin series, it’s good. There’s some action, enough to be cool, but most the focus is on the father/son relationship, and their characters. I’m still not clear on the big picture plot because I don’t recognize the main bad guy, but I think it’s supposed to be a mystery. If so, excellent.

Premise – That same alternate, modernized universe from before. Peter Parker died being Spider-Man, but Miles Morales was also bitten by a super power granting spider.
TOTI – Just like the first Ultimate Spider-Man, this is a real slow burn. We’re really getting to focus in on Miles’ character, and building his world. A great read, but I’d recommend waiting for the trade. Even though the issues are coming out fast enough that the story still reads well, there’s so much here that it’s just going to be better when it’s all together. However, I definitely think any one who is interested in Spider-Man should be reading/plan to read this.


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